5-3 final project i submission: academic mission statement and goals | SnHU 107 | Southern New Hampshire University

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Project IconAfter reviewing the instructions above, including the Final Project I Guidelines and Rubric document, use the Final Project I Academic Mission Statement and Goals Template document to create your personal mission statement and goals.

  • First, download Microsoft Word as needed and use it to complete this week’s project. As a SNHU student, you may download Microsoft Office 365 for free to obtain a copy of Microsoft Word for this assignment. 
  • Second, download and save the Final Project I Academic Mission Statement and Goals Template to your own computer.
  • Third, fill in the template with your mission and short-term goals.
  • Fourth, be sure to save the completed template to save your work!
  • Finally, click on the add attachment button to attach your completed template, and be sure to hit the “upload” button to send it to your instructor.