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Discussion 2: Sharing Field Experiences

 this week’s journal entry for your colleagues to review:
• Ask a probing question.
• Offer and support an opinion.
• Validate an idea with your own experience.

For my second week I followed the Clinical team around and did the intake and what issues was going with the clients as well ass new admits and discharge patients. Also I got to sit in all of the groups that they have .

The company is a recovery center for addiction:

Mission Statement: Our mission is to transform your life of addiction to a life of hope through inspiration, education, and support.  a brief description of your field experience setting focusing on the nature of the setting’s work as it relates to forensic psychology. Then include the mission statement of the setting or one of a setting that is similar. Finally, explain how forensic psychology fits with the mission of setting. Be specific.

The cite is a substance reablitation center . The goal is to properly be able to access intake and learn the placement process for the clients that are sent there for legal reasons for clients . 

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