Article one summary: appropriate and meaningful assessment

The Assignment 

Summarize the article by answering the three questions listed below. Each question should have an answer that has a minimum of 7 sentences. Please make sure you read the statement on Plagiarism. Also, do not copy and paste the article – that is plagiarism.  Title must be included.

What content does the article discuss? What is important to know about meaningful assessments?

What are three types of assessments discussed in the article?

How would you use/implement those assessments appropriately in your classroom?

Article link:  Appropriate_and_Meaningful_Assessment.pdf Appropriate_and_Meaningful_Assessment.pdf – Alternative Formats  

Grading Criteria

Maximum points are given when length of 3 paragraphs,minimum of 7 sentences in each, is met and content summarizes key strategies to use with young children and families. *Title must be included

20 points – Three paragraphs are included, each paragraph has a minimum of seven sentences

20 points – First paragraph summarizes the main focus of the article

30 points – Second paragraph summarizes three assessments from the article

30 points – Third paragraph gives specific strategies/ideas you will use when implementing assessment with young children.

Points are deducted for errors in grammar and spelling.  Also noted is clarity of the summary and students comprehension of the content.


“Appropriate and Meaningful Assessment”, Elicker, Young Children, July 2103 

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