Bus paper – apa 7 format please follow instructions!

1. Paper must be at least 7 pages/1250 words in length. This includes a cover page and a reference page.

2. Follow the APA format: https://apastyle.apa.org/ Feel free to use the provided APA template found in the “Professor Lloyd’s Resources” folder.

3. Your paper MUST include a minimum of 3 references in addition to the textbook.

4.  The purpose of this paper is to begin exploring how information systems  are used to improve operational efficiency. This paper will include the  following 5 sections addressing the initial phases of understanding the  problem and how the organization’s environment will shape possible  solutions.

Select an organization that you  feel could benefit from an improvement in some area of its operations or  delivery of its services (publicly traded companies are better as there is more information available).

Define  the basic characteristics of the organization (size, industry, annual  revenues and profit, competitors, and any relevant regulatory issues).

State the inefficiency/deficiency you seek to improve.

Characterize  the problem in a quantifiable manner. This means that you should be  able to describe the impairment in terms of production inefficiencies in  units, number of customers served in each period, amount of revenue  lost or unrealized etc.

Describe your proposed solution.

Your description should be in sufficient detail that the reader doesn’t have to ask, “how are you going to do that”.

For  each portion of the proposed solution you should describe the changes  to the organization and the existing process that will need to be made.

Describe each of the underlying technologies your proposed solution will require.  As an example, if you were solving a supply chain issue and trying to  speed up a receiving process, you may use bar code scanners and/or RIFD  transmitters/receivers to more quickly ingress the received items into  inventory. You would also need to discuss the technologies that would  allow the data to be stored, retrieved, and the physical infrastructure  and network elements that would allow this to happen.

Provide a conclusion that summarizes the previous 3 sections.  The conclusion should recap the company, problem, and the proposed  solution ending with a quantifiable benefit as the result of the  proposed solution. This benefit should be in terms of not only  production/service metrics, but also extrapolated into a revenue/profit  increase. As an example, if your solution reduced supply receiving time  by “X” percent, that percentage would be deducted from the total man  hours needed in a shift/day. Those man hours multiplied by the  prevailing rate for that labor would give you an hourly savings, which  would then be multiplied by however many units of the selected time  measurement occur in a year.

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