Business plan | Management homework help

For a startup electric vehicle industry, write a business proposal plan for the following sections in 7 pages:     

1. Community Involvement and Social Responsibility

2. Development, Milestones and Contingency/Exit Plan

3. The Financials

– Financial Objectives

– Sales and Expense Forecast

– Break-even Analysis

– Financial Control

– Financial Statements and Ratio Analysis

The report should include: 

o Income Statement: Annual

o Income Statement: Three-Year Projection

o Cash-Flow Projection: Monthly

o Cash Flow: One-Year Projection

o Balance Sheet: Annual

o Balance Sheet: One-Year Projection

o List and Sources of Funds

o Assumptions Sheet

Scoring rubric:

Financial Data 

· Balance sheet 

· 3- Year projected income statement

· 1-Year projected cash flow statement

· Break-even analysis

· Explanation of financials

· The projections that support the business plan

Note: Start-ups should include Source(s) for start-up funding and Budget Projections 

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