Curriculum design and development part 2


  • Choose a one article instead of two articles) peer-review article to construct article analysis #5.  At the societal level, curriculum is developed by the federal level agencies, boards of education, publishers, and curriculum reform committees. Many countries such as Australia, Finland, Japan, and France have national curricula, which defines what every in the country student should know and be able to do by the end of each grade level. In the U.S., many educational theorist, educators, and parents pushed against the U.S. adopting a national curriculum such as the Common Core Standards.  As a result, several states opted out of adopting Common Core as its state’s education curriculum.
  •  Research the advantages of adopting a national curricula for U.S. schools (I made an adjustment here as well… let’s focus on the advantages ONLY.  We will revisit disadvantages).  (Links to an external site.)


  • Chapter 6: Curriculum Design
  • Chapter 7: Curriculum Development
  • Chapter 8 Curriculum Implementation
  • Chapter 9 Curriculum Evaluation


 Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) Curriculum Standards