Directions: upload a .pdf or .doc file answering the questions below.


You have recently graduated from Fresno State and have decided to take a more entrepreneurial route. An unknown distant relative has surprisingly bequeathed you with 10 million dollars payable on the condition that you use the money to help transform downtown Fresno. You have already secured the money but now must decide what type of organization to build. The possibilities are endless. Your task is to decide on a venture and set the strategic direction of the organization. Come up with an organization that will both be profitable and help revitalize downtown Fresno. (Hint: Don’t spend too much time coming up with your organization, vision, values and goals are much more important).

Directions: Upload a .pdf or .doc file answering the questions below. Answer can be succinctly answered in a page or less, 2 page maximum.

  1. What is your organization?
  2. What is your vision?
  3. What are the values of your organization?
  4. What major strategies/objectives will you develop to realize your vision and encompass the values of the organization?
  5. What tactics/action plans will you employ to realize your strategy?

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