Discussion 6 | Management homework help

Discussion 6 

“Change Management” 

Please respond to the following:

  • As a manager, how would you deal with resistance to change when you suspect that employees’ fears of job loss are well-founded?
  • Give an example of what you might do or have done as a manager to improve the situation and why.

Discussion 7

“Talent Management”  

One HR manager recently got a thank-you note on her iPhone that said: 

“Thx 4 the Iview!”

The manager liked the candidate in the interview, but after getting this text message, she put him in the reject pile.

  • Why do you think she rejected the candidate?
  • Was that fair?
  • Should “textspeak” be considered acceptable workplace communication?
  • Answer the questions and explain what you would do as a manager in this situation.