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Entrepreneurial Finance, by Smith and Smith, Stanford University Press, 2019.

In addition, this link takes you to a set of student resources from the textbook’s authors


Look at Section 5.6. Explain how strategic planning for a new venture may differ from strategic planning for an established venture.

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Look at Section 5.7.

a) Explain what is meant by a “real option?”

b) What is meant by the term “real option premium?”

Discover a venture capital/private equity/startup story or experience via the book, the books reference list, or microventures.com. You may also peruse and search Langsdale resources, or general publications and websites to which you have access.

Describe the company’s vision, its funding, its ups and downs and any details that show me that you are beginning to explore the world of entrpreneurial finance. 

Write at least 500 words, and please write carefully and cogently.

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