Healthcare administration assignment (due tomorrow)


Hospital rating is an important undertaking for primarily the patient and the health care organization. Typically, hospitals are usually rated based on patient experience, process, outcome, patient safety and cost measures. The rating usually based on data derived from government sources like the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) surveys, The Joint Commission, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS); and administered by CMS (WebMD, 2020). Such ratings usually provided a state and national benchmark for the hospitals and helps consumers choose the best facilities from which to acquire health services. The current assessment will compare the ratings of two hospitals in Los Angeles and two hospitals in Kansas City (WebMD, 2020).

The Los Angeles Community Hospital is a popular hospital located in 4081 E Olympic Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90023. According to, the hospital has an overall star rating of 4/5 and a patient survey rating of 1/5 (Medicare, 2021). Generally, the overall star rating is based on how well the individual hospital performs across various quality areas while the patient survey rating measures the patients’ experience of their hospital care such as the hospital environment’s quietness and cleanliness, the hospital staff’s responsiveness to patients’ needs, and the healthcare practitioner’s communication. Comparatively, the Kaiser Foundation Hospital – Los Angeles, which is located in 4867 Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90027, has an overall star rating of 2/5 and a patient survey rating of 3/5 (BestPlaces, 2021). However, while the overall star rating could suggest that the former hospital has a better score than the latter this could actually not be the case given that the Kaiser Foundation Hospital’s rating only includes data reported on inpatient services. 

Kansas City is also a home to several large hospitals. For instance, University of Kansas Hospital is a large, private hospital located in 4000 Cambridge Street Kansas City, KS 66160; while St Lukes Hospital of Kansas City is located on 401 Wornall Road in Kansas City, MO 64111 (BestPlaces, 2021). The former hospital has an overall star rating of 5/5 and a patient survey rating of 4/5 while the latter hospital has an overall star rating of 4/5 and a patient survey rating of 4/5 (BestPlaces, 2021). Based on this comparison, the two hospitals located in Kansas City, MO, have a better rating compared to the other two based in Los Angeles City, CA (BestPlaces, 2021). 

In terms of demographics, both the Kansas City, MO and Los Angeles, CA, are the largest cities in their respective states based on the population. Kansas City has the largest overall population of 476,974 (51.3% females and 48.7% males, median age of 35.2) while Los Angeles is home to about 3,949,776 (50.5% females and 49.5 males, and a median age of 35.2) (BestPlaces, 2021). The demographics of the respective cities could also play a critical role in the respective hospital’s rating. 

For this assignment, summarize the ratings in the reading above. Identify the organizations that are rated the highest and lowest and explain the reasons

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