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 Question 1 (8 pts) 

Assume the following scenario : A health care organization keeps track of its doctors and outpatient locations. For each doctor it  keeps track of the DoctorID (unique), DoctorName, and DoctorYearOfMDGraduation (year of  graduating from medical school). For each outpatient location it keeps track of the OLID  (unique) and OLName. 

For each of a and b an extra information is added to the scenario. Use the scenario above  and the respective extra information to draw the corresponding ER diagram for each of a. and  b. Your ERD should shows the degree and cardinalities of each relationship. 

a) (4 pts) Each doctor works at either exactly one outpatient location or at none (strictly working in the  main hospital), and each outpatient location must have exactly one doctor working at it. 

b) (4 pts) Each doctor must work at exactly one outpatient location, and each outpatient location can have  between none and many doctors working at it.  

 Question 2 (12 pts)

 BurgerBay is a newcomer in the fast-food industry. With several restaurants scattered across  the bay, the owner decides that it is time to invest in developing a database to help manage  various aspect of the company. You have been hired to develop such database.  The following represents a description of the company and the various elements of the  database. One of the main components of BurgerBay are its restaurants. Each of them can be uniquely  identified using individual Business License Number. With 20 restaurants scattered across the  bay, it is essential to keep track of each restaurant address using street name, city, state and zip  code. We also want to keep track of the size (square footage) of each restaurant. BurgerBay realized that working with advertisement agencies is essential for marketing  purposes and therefore requires each of its restaurant to work with one local advertisement  agency. To avoid conflicts, restaurants do not work with more than a single advertisement  agency at a time, but it is not unusual for an advertisement agency to work with multiple  restaurants. BurgerBay wants to keep track of these advertisement agency, even if some of  them do not work with any restaurant at the moment. They can be identified using a unique  identification number and, for each of them, the company keeps data about their name, city,  state, zip code and fixed contract fee. Another important component of BurgerBay are its employees. Each of its restaurant requires  several employees to run properly and it is not uncommon for some of the most experienced  employees to work across multiple restaurants. For this reason, it is important for the company  to keep track of the day, start time and end time that a given employee worked at a specific  restaurant. Note that only currently working employees are kept in the database, with data  about their unique employee number, employee name, and number of years employed. 

1) Based on the information above: a. List all the entities required in your database (1 pts) 

b. Provide a list of business rules you can derive. (3 pts)

 2) Using the information given and the derived business rules, draw a Entity Relationship  Diagram of your database. (8 pts )

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