Part 1: provide a summary of your ‘my cpd’ self-assessment in


Part C (A.C.3.2 & 3.3) (Approximately 250 words for self-assessment summary and about 500 words for CPD Plan and Record)

You are required to apply the techniques of Continuous Professional Development. You need to:


Part 1: Provide a summary of your ‘My CPD’ self-assessment in approximately 250 words in the box below – for example, key development identified, any surprises, how useful you found the exercise (approx 250 words)


Part 2: Once you have completed the above tasks you MUST submit this part of the assignment. Then proceed to the CPD Record and Plan Template found on your Home page on Online Services and do the following:

  • From the self-assessment, identify areas you would like to develop and devise your own CPD Plan (AC3.2). This should be future-based.
  • This should include 3 CPD options to meet your identified needs explaining why you have chosen that option (AC3.3)
  • Prepare a CPD Record that includes 3-6 learning experiences that have been significant to your professional development. This should be work related experience/activities that you have undertaken in the last 6 months. (AC3.3).
  • Please note: Your work for part 1 will not be available for marking until you have also completed at least 3 entries for each of the Record and Plan.

Hi, here’s a link for the CPD map for a better understanding

I did mine and attached the photos.


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