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You should not choose the mindset that you wrote about for your post.  Instead, choose one of the mindsets that one of your peers wrote about. Select one of those mindsets and in addition to telling what that mindset is and how it is detrimental to success, focus on your own ideas about how that mindset has affected you individually. 

In the first paper, you wrote a longer narrative telling how a fixed mindset affected you at a particular time. In this short essay, you will focus on two examples of how that OTHER mindset affected your success.  The thesis will identify the other mindset and state a thesis about the effect that mindset has had on you.  The body will present two paragraphs, a separate personal example being the focus of each paragraph. You will also have a conclusion. 

This is a mixture of a cause-effect and an example pattern of development. The textbook tells you what examples are on p. 203.  These examples are a result of this Other mindset. Cause and Effect is explained on pp. 208-9.  

Aim for about 350 words of text. 

Make sure your paper is an essay, with more than one paragraph.  It should have a beginning paragraph, two body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Use transitions to connect your major and minor points. Introductions and conclusions are described on p. 97.  Thesis statements are discussed on pp. 86-89. 

One of the requirements of the essay is to refer to someone’s post in Discussion 3. You need to refer to the author of the post and what the post was about.

ll papers must be double-spaced.  Type/Font should also be standard (not like cursive writing).  Use size 12 font.  Make sure that spacing is accurate.    Do not use a title page.  There is an MLA template available in Microsoft Word.  Open MS Word and in the box type MLA template.  You are not required to have a Works Cited page.

Place a four-line (single-spaced) information block at the top left corner of the first page of the paper.  The block should contain the following: 

Your Name

Dr. Hildenbrand

ENGL 1101 

Date submitted

The text of a paper should begin two spaces under the information block.

Indent five spaces the first line of each paragraph.

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